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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

This game will evolve around Terra,Ven(short for ventus), and Aqua. Everybody is saying that it is going to be released in 2009, but we canot confirm that yet. Sora will not be in this game because squere anix had enough of sora (well they didn't have enough of him they just wanted it to be about some different people this time.) this game may unlock many secrets to the new game thats coming out: kingdom hearts 358/2 days. There will be some charictars from the last kingdom hearts , such as king Micky, Donald duck, Goofy, maleficent and alot more disney charictars seeing that, every other kingdom hearts. Terra, Ven and Aqua are all part of the keyblade war, and once again they have to protect the worlds from the darkness, and who might be creating the darnkness you ask, xaenort heartless/nobody (sorry if i spelt xaenort wrong.)


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